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Vinita Shaw (Disha Foundation) - Disha Foundation Delhi, India
(08/23/2017)1. Please pray for Vinita as she is working to finish her new book that God would grant her good health and guide her thoughts. 2. Pray for Vinita's daughter Ruth whose new medication is showing good results on her skin. Pray for total healing. Pray for the universities where she has applied to teach that God would lead her and use her as per His will 3. Pray for Vinita's son Samuel as he is in the final year of bachelor's program that God would lead him into his career 4. Pray for Vinita's husband Pastor Timothy's good health as he gives leadership to the Church and the Hostel. 5. Pray for Disha foundation's radio programs and for the listeners , specially in the face of much persecution that is going on . 6. Pray that God would provide good staff to Disha Foundation 7. Pray for the trained women as they take off in their little business. 8. Pray for the babies that are being saved from abortion that they and their parents would find Christ.




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